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Lubricants Blending Plant

Lubricants have been in some use for thousands of years. Typically lubricants contain 90% base oil  and less than 10% additives. Many types of lubricants are widely used in different industries for different purposes. One of the largest use of lubricants is to reduce friction in moving parts by separating the moving parts from the system. Lubricants reduce friction, reduce wear and surface fatigue, reduce heat generation and operating noise and vibration in moving parts of machinery and motor vehicles.

We provide lubricant blending plant which is suitable for production of 300KLPA lubricating oil for automotive and industrial use.

Our plant consist of following equipments    

We manufacture our electrical equipment to run on 430V,50Hz,3phase system or voltage available in your country at LT level.

How plant works?

Lubricant blending plant works in simple steps described as below.

In first step HDPE storage tank receive base oil in the form of raw material. Base oil is passed through filters to remove foreign particles if available in base oil. After the filtration of base oil ,it is transferred in blending machine through pumps. In blending vessel lube oil additives and other additives are added in base oil. This mixture is well blended in this blending vessel. For monitoring of all parameters like level of material in vessel, pressure and temperature in vessel we have dedicated level, pressure and temperature  gauge and indicators for that. After completion of blending process in blending vessel the mixture is tested in lab. After all quality checks in Laboratory the entire batch of lubricant in  blending vessel is transferred into storage tank through lube transfer pumps. From the storage tank lube oil is filled in jar or container.

Quality Control Facilities

The proposed plant shall have a quality control laboratory attached to the production facility for on the spot testing / analysis of various raw materials for its quality and fitness. Key process parameters of every batch are to be monitored and controlled systematically for the production of quality product. This requires facilities for quick analysis and process control laboratory having the necessary instruments and skilled manpower.

Plant utilities
The appropriate capacities of various utilities as indicated are indicative. The actual requirement shall be firmed up during Detailed Engineering stage, after taking into consideration the location conditions.

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